HM International LTD

Focused on Delivering Excellence

Hall Management International Ltd (HMI) provides solutions through its global competitive identities, project finance and development services.  HMI seeks solutions that are socially responsible and culturally centric by partnering with universities and local country partners.  This unique approach provides HMI with global reach and best of breed thinking without the fixed cost overhead of a traditional consultancy.

We engage exclusively in projects that can significantly benefit from our strategy of creating value through a long-term commitment to attaining excellence.  Targeted opportunities often need financial resources, access to specific expertise, and operational improvements in order for them to realize their full potential.  As active participants, we are able to assist management pursue strategies for realizing and adding substantial value.

HMC/HMI is actively evaluating opportunities throughout the world and has specifically focused in the following areas:
  • Caribbean (Antigua, St. Thomas, St John, Turks and Caicos, St Croix and others)
  • Central America (Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico)
  • North America (USA, Canada)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Columbia)
  • Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany)
  • Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco)
  • ASEAN (India, Maldives, Indonesia, Korea, China, Australia)
  • Middle East (Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arriba, Turkey)
These engagements are focused on creating local value through development of governmental, educational and global financial partnerships.