HM International LTD

Focused on Delivering Excellence

Established in 1995, HM Company (HMC) and HM International LTD (HMI) are private consulting, development, and investment firms which are based in Westport, CT for all US transactions and from Tortola, BVI for all international transactions that:

  • Consult, develop and invest in businesses and projects to help them achieve leadership in their markets and develop a reputation for excellence in their industries.
  • Operate on the principal that a commitment to excellence by outstanding people, combined with a focus on long-term growth and profitability, will generate substantial returns on investment.

HMC/HMI provides solutions through its global consulting network, project finance and development services focused on primarily on Real Estate, Infrastructure & Commodity opportunities.


We engage exclusively in projects that can significantly benefit from our strategy of creating value through a long-term commitment to attaining excellence. Targeted opportunities often suffer from financial constraints, lack of access to needed expertise, and operational limitations that prevent them from realizing their full potential. As active participants, we are able to assist and pursue strategies for realizing and adding substantial value.  Short-term financial and operating practices will not be employed unless they coincide with long-term objectives.

Project Candidates

The projects that have or have the potential to develop some combination of the following characteristics:

  • Project or company focused on the tourism, real estate healthcare, financial services & infrastructure industries
  • High growth and earning potential
  • A special market niche
  • Significant opportunities for HMC/HMI to add value
  • Opportunity to achieve a significant increase in value through a fundamental change in strategy or direction 
HMC/HMI has an on-going search program designed to identify attractive projects. Our network of business contacts and relationships alerts us to a significant number of attractive opportunities.  We investigate the most promising of these projects and enter into discussions with their owners. While the project engagement of publicly traded firms is not ruled out, we prefer to engage with privately held firms.
Approach to Value Creation

HMC/HMI intends to maximize value over the long term by:

  • Fostering the development of a strong culture within an organization that values excellence and quality.
  • Providing a stimulating environment that encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial orientation.
  • Ensuring that managers establish corporate goals and strategy, financial controls, and operating performance measures that provide clear and reliable feedback on its progress.
  • Improving its performance by integrating and enhancing the quality of marketing, management, operations, information systems and finance through the use of additional resources, as required.
  • Enabling a firm to take advantage of attractive opportunities which require additional capital and ensuring the necessary supply of working capital to permit both optimal operating polices and the establishment of most preferred relationships with suppliers.
  • Structuring managerial and employee incentive systems that are aligned with the principles of excellence, customer satisfaction, and long-term value creation and development.
  • Taking advantage of our network of our relationships.
  • Focusing on firms in tourism, real estate & infrastructure industries for the foreseeable future and carefully selecting candidate firms within those targeted markets.
Valuing selected firms fairly to ensure that the valuations reflect the probability of ultimately meeting the desired rate of return on investment.